Biocompatible coatings on metallic surfaces


The aim of presented project is to investigate methods of modification of metals' surface by means of coating them with graphene oxide. A coating made of this interesting substance can introduce an advantageous change by isolating metal materials from contact with blood or other tissues, ensuring electrical conductivity, what is in many cases crucial and eliminates possibility of use of other, non-conducting compounds. During the project we will be studying methods of graphene oxide synthesis in order to obtain most preferable forms of it that could be used for coating metals. We will investigate methods of making coatings on mostly applied medical metals: stainless steel and gold. Obtained coatings will be thoroughly tested in terms of such characteristics as thickness, homogeneity or roughness of the coating. Finally, influence of prepared coatings on living organisms will be checked so that we will find out whether such coatings are biocompatible. Results of presented project may in the future lead to creation of novel materials for construction of implantable medical devices. It would decrease complications caused by implanted materials, prolong time of usage of applied devices and, above all, improve comfort an life of patients.

The project "Investigation of methods of forming biocompatible coatings on metallic surfaces" is a part of OPUS programme of National Science Centre, Poland, project no. 2015/19/B/ST8/02015.