Biomimetic vascular prostheses of small diameters


The objective of the BioGraft project is development of modern, highly biocompatible small-diameter vascular prostheses with targeted modified internal surface. The prostheses are designed to be used in coronary artery bypass grafting - the treatment carried out in patients suffering from ischemic heart disease (IHD). According to the WHO, IHD is the world’s biggest killer. Currently, vascular prostheses are rarely used in the treatment of IHD, due to their unsatisfactory biostability and hemocompatibility.



The project involves application of tissue engineering techniques in order to ensure high bio- and hemocompatibility of the prostheses. The main product advantage of the proposed solution is based on its biological and mechanical properties. To achieve the desired effect, the prosthesis will consist of 3 main components: a skeleton, an internal coating and an external coating. Each of the mentioned components will be responsible for obtaining a different functionality.

The distinguishing features of our product are:

- small internal diameter (2-5mm) allowing the use of the prosthesis as a replacement for coronary vessels
- mechanical parameters similar to those of human coronary vessels
- an outer surface covered with nanofibers of appropriate aligment and size - providing a proper environment for the development of smooth muscle cells and the restoration of the outer layer of blood vessels
- internal surface covered with selective biomolecules - ensures high hemocompatibility of the prosthesis and allows self-healing of the endothelium layer



The project will be implemented in 2018-2021. During this period, we plan to create a prototype of the prosthesis and reach the stage of the first preclinical studies.



The project "BioGraft - biomimetic vascular prostheses of small diameters" is financed by the National Center for Research and Development
as a part of the LIDER Programme.

Project value: 1 167 500.00 PLN